Charlotte Nancy

Wow, I never thought that my IQ so high! It looks, that I should stop underestimating myself. My result is 101 :)

Like · Oct 24, 2019

Ava Warren

I will also share my IQ result! Great test!

Like · Oct 22, 2019

William Maiden

This is amazing! I am applying for a new job and they asked me to bring IQ certificate! There are offices that will test you, but it's expensive, but this one is cheaper and I did it just sitting in my chair at home with my dog on lap! And the result is quite good!

Like · Oct 21, 2019

Anna Layman

My result is 110 :O

Like · Oct 19, 2019

Oliver Smith

This test was really interesting! Questions were serious, but if you are a thinker like me, you'll find quite easy! One of the best IQ tests I've tried so far!

Like · Oct 18, 2019

Amelia Maps

Who tried it? Lol I got 90 is it any good ir should I read a book or smth

Like · Oct 16, 2019